Soalris Install On Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L rev2 + Q6600 X64

a) Solaris install started in 32 bit mode , but on restart switched to 64 bit

b) The on board NIC Realtek 81111/B Failed to show up on dladm show-dev. No Network.

c) uninstalled package SUNWrge (pkgrm SUNWrge ) and downloaded .

d) Unzipped and moved Package to /var/spool/pkgs and used pkgadd to install the NIC driver.

e) reboot

d) sys-unconfig to reset init file. used only IPV4 and DHCP. No Named services.

e) changed /etc/resolv.conf added

domain DomainName ( eg domain solaravon )
search DomainName ...
Before Nameserver lines

in terminal .. add hostname using

hostname command.
hostname DomainName



Subversion Setup on Apache 2.0

Here is the link :



a) htdocs is apache web , conf directory has http.conf file and the Apache Services Monitor is used to start/restart service. You can change Listen post and server name in http.conf file

b) Install Subversion and edit http.conf file to setup Location directive. Virtual Server tag for makinge the environment more flexible and log file setup.