Soalris Install On Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L rev2 + Q6600 X64

a) Solaris install started in 32 bit mode , but on restart switched to 64 bit

b) The on board NIC Realtek 81111/B Failed to show up on dladm show-dev. No Network.

c) uninstalled package SUNWrge (pkgrm SUNWrge ) and downloaded .

d) Unzipped and moved Package to /var/spool/pkgs and used pkgadd to install the NIC driver.

e) reboot

d) sys-unconfig to reset init file. used only IPV4 and DHCP. No Named services.

e) changed /etc/resolv.conf added

domain DomainName ( eg domain solaravon )
search DomainName ...
Before Nameserver lines

in terminal .. add hostname using

hostname command.
hostname DomainName